If your Customs organization is currently running a system or application with:

  • Broken Functions that have not been repaired.
  • Functions that you were told would be included in your deployment that still have not been delivered, or do not exist.
  • Ongoing delays in deployment.
  • No maintenance / support or delayed responses for maintenance or support.
  • Slow performance.
  • Ineffective Electronic Single Window Functionality.
  • Ineffective Risk Management Features.
  • Ineffective Revenue Management Features.
  • Lack of compatibility with other systems or platforms.

then consider your alternative.

TTEK is currently prepared to offer our Best in Breed Alternative Applications including our Declaration Processing System, Account Revenue Management, and Manifesting Alternative solutions to early adopters as a "zero cost license".  Unhappy with your current system?  Upgrade now to more functions and better performance with a Best in Breed Approach.

COST transparency:  For the first 3 customers of Any solution, we are prepared to offer a zero cost license. Please contact us for more information on this program.

We are prepared to offer more functionality, better maintenance and support, and overall service at lower cost than what you currently receive.

How can we do that?  TTEK Inc. has many years of domain experience in border modernization and technical delivery.  We've seen and recognized success and added value to all of our projects.  We have a reputation and brand to maintain.  Our customers are important to us. 

Simply put, we are a software company, and have a finely tuned business and technical ability to develop and deploy technology.

Download our EAP Q&A Document for additional information.


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